Tuesday, October 31, 2000

Stupid bloody fireworks, i probably am soundinglike a killjoy. I had great hallowe'ens when i was younger - the best one dressed up as slash from guns n roses (my friend sizz was axl!), but the fireworks are useless, the ones people are losing hands over and shit. You need really good displays otherwise they're crap. There were great fireworks a couple of weeks ago at home (for the Wexford Opera Festival).

The job interview went well. I spoke to the director of the company, the main editor there, he was really nice, just chatted to me briefly about what i've done, checking out suitability as against the other 2 candidates. And i got a tour of the place - a few offline suites, an online, some flint/flame style discrete graphics stuff, subtitling. I *want* to work there. But my sister and her boyf measure interview success in length of time you were there,and it was only 15 minutes. But it wasn't me that was drying up or anything. He just wanted ot chat for a few minutes it seems. I'm going round in circles...

my best mate since i was four was sick so i bought her wagon wheels and promptly ate some of them myself. I bought the last of my graduation clothes - snakeskinny top so i won't look completely frumpy. (Like i'm even telling anyone!)

Sunday, October 29, 2000

dammit i can see that this may be therapeutic and potentially addictive.
My god this has been a really bizarre couple of months. First i leave college and enter the big bad world but spend the summer festering in directory enquiries. So i apply to oxygen.ie's no 54 for a laff. And forget about it. Then i apply for the film degree (fourth year) in dun laoghaire institute of art design and technology (www.iadt-dl.ie) but the day i send the application form in i broke my thumb in a car door. That was 6 weeks ago, the cast is off but the nail may grow back funny and the odd lump on the top of my thumb will take a year or so to become normal again. Grr. But i digress. I got the course no prob, as an editor. I got called back to oxygen a couple of times and got very drunk with the final 15 people and snogged one of them. he didn't get in either! So now the final 5 are one their way to stardom. I don't want to be a star anyway. Then i saw this sign in college for a runner/technical assistant in a tv post production company. I knew i'd be pissed off if i didn't ring at all. i did and i got an interview and i thought that went crap but then they rang and i have a 2nd interview next tuesday. I'm a bit disillusioned with college because we're not actually doing anything at all, but i know dun laoghaire has a deadly rep as a film school. But i have to start at the bottom whatever happens. And i've got a degree, well at least i will when i graduate on friday. i had to buy clothes to look neat and i have to dye my hair brown for posterity in the photos. I felt like a kid dressing up in her mothers clothes when i was buying the tidy clothes. I really wanted to buy some new runners instead - silver nikes like the ones i have already or grey fleecy buffalos. Oh yeah its my 21st tomorrow week, so maybe i'll get them then. i'm not having a party, i've not even thought about it to be honest. Of course i'd love if someone threw a surprise party, i don't usually crave attention, but it'd give me a warm fuzzy feeling. I'll leave college if i get this job, did i say that? i have to pay fees for college, cos i have a degree. I'm borrowing £2k from my sister :(

my thumb hurts. pretty in pink is on the paramount channel (godblessdigital) so i'm going to publish my first blog.